Please take your time to enjoy the richness of Monk.com, which contains highlights of our twelve years on the road as the peripatetic publishers of Monk: The Mobile Magazine, plus new material available nowhere else.

Besides our one-of-a-kind guides to quintessential places, you'll find interviews with the extraordinary people who represent the spirit of those places, including Seattle's late Kurt Cobain, New Orleans soul legend Irma Thomas, Portland film director Gus Van Sant, Burning Man founder Larry Harvey, sexologist Annie Sprinkle, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. At Monk TV, you'll view cutting edge short films from life in and around the Monkmobile. At the Crotty Farm Report, you'll find razor sharp cultural and political commentary. And, soon, through Mail Order Monk, you'll be able to purchase up-to-the-minute PDF guides to destinations around the planet.

Monk.com is offered to you free of charge. It is supported through two modest enterprises: our design, marketing and production company Monk Media, and our web hosting company Monk Host. Please consider using our services. We are reasonably priced, and offer a level of friendly, intelligent service that is rare in today's business world.

Living on the road was the highlight of our lives, and the closest to ecstasy we have ever come. Though we are older now, and a bit more settled, we still live vicariously through your tales of the road, just as so many of you lived through ours. Please let us know about your adventures. And if we can help you take a big risk, realize a long-buried dream, create some custom travel content, or, yes, hit the road in a big pink motorhome, please do not hesitate to call on us.

With fondest regards,
The Monks James Crotty and Michael Lane

212-228-1413 Jim@Monk.com


onk is the epic saga of two men who quit their jobs and sold everything they owned and hit the road with their cats, Nurse, Nurse's Aide, and Dolly Lama, and for twelve years traveled across America, publishing the world's only mobile magazine. They traveled first in a '72 Ford Econoline van and then moved up to the 26-foot Fleetwood Bounder Monkmobile, reporting on the incredible people, places, and parking lots they encountered along the way, until they drove each other crazy living in such cramped quarters, especially after New York, where one too many breakdowns wiped them clean, sending the Monks on a long backwards spin across America to L.A., where yellowing back issues of Monk were being held captive by the last two celebrities who've never been to a cosmetic dermatologist, awaiting a quantum shift in world consciousness.

Then, suddenly, from out of the deepest darkness, came the vision of unique web site spreading like a laser beam of light across the mallified landscape, beckoning the Monks to pick themselves up by their hoods and trust that by spreading a message of peace, love, and excellence, while continuing to live their motto of "simple, mobile and true," all their needs would be taken care of right down to their very next carton of soy milk.

So, the journey continues. For the full-tilt Monk experience we encourage you to take a stroll through our site. Correspondence can be sent to jim@monk.com! In the digital dharma,

James Crotty and Michael Lane (The Monks)



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